Monday, April 11, 2011

Vinyl Project - Dreams Do Come True

Hey all!

Just been taking care of my bulldog lately. She is doing much better...nearly back to her normal self! Just a quick post since it is past midnight here and I'm still up!

I finally got to pull out my wonderful vinyl again! YAY! My mom has been wanting something to go on her wall for quite some time. She decided to go with the saying "Dreams Do Come True," which has a significant meaning in her life today.

Here's my project, hope ya'll enjoy! 

Cricut Brown Vinyl
Transfer Tape
Storybook Cart - CAPS letters cut @ 4" with Fancy/Corner selected & Butterfly @ 5"
Classic Cricut Font Cart - letters cut @ 2 1/2" with Italic selected

Pretty easy project! Just cut your image out, apply the transfer tape to the cut image, then transfer it to the wall or any other smooth surface!


  1. It looks great Ashley. Your mom will love it.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment. I've got something for you there if you'd like to come and pick it up. Cheers - Ali

  2. I love the font and the!