Saturday, May 31, 2014

3D Swap

I am also finally getting back into going to my swaps! My most recent one we had to make a bag, treat box or anything 3D!

Here are all the swaps! Didn't they turn out so cute?

Happy Crafting!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Booth & Windows

Hello all! 

I am sure everyone has been missing my posts. It has been a crazy and busy year! With working full time I just haven't made the time to actually sit down and schedule out all my posts.

I have opened up my first booth and just signed the contract on a second booth so am making lots of cards, albums and windows. 

Here is my current booth at Junk Street in Katy:

I will be going to set up my new booth location soon which will be at Timeless Designs in Cypress! 
I was able to come across some old windows that had been painted and I am loving them :) I think they really make the saying pop!

Be looking for tomorrow's post! :)
Happy Crafting!