Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl Sunday!

Good evening everyone!

I've enjoyed the day... neither a Steelers fan or a Green Bay packers fan so I decided to root for the BEST COMMERCIAL tonight, lol. My favorite was probably the Doritos commercial with the pug running towards the 'glass door' and the girl was worrried about the dog getting hurt and it turns out that the guy holding the bag of doritos got creamed. My 2nd pic would probably be the Kroger/Nolan Ryan one!

Anyways, before the kickoff I made some delicious peanut butter bars to take to a friends house and just wanted to share them with everyone! And best of all, I used my Cricut for these and they were so much fun!

Plantin School Book Cart (Circle  cut @ 2")
Printed Team Logos
Green &Yellow Textured Cardstock
ATG gun

Have a GREAT night and congrats to all the Packers fans!

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