Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Purse Photo Frame/ Trinket Box

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The hubby came home today and it's so nice to not have an empty house anymore! Loving it! Went to one of my favorite craft stores the other day to do a little shopping and found a cute little purse frame that I thought I could be crafty with! This also makes a great trinket box or possible a jewelry box... so many great uses!

Ready, Set, Paint!

Step One - Apply an antique white to the front. (Not sure why I did this step because in the end I used some wonderful pattern paper on the front!)

Step Two - Paint the inside, back and sides of the purse with a dark color.

Step Three - Put the handle back on and add whatever embellishment(s) your prefer. (I used a lovely Martha Stewart Ribbon) That's it, your done!

As always enjoy!

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