Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Sunday!

Good morning all! Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday!

Today I've decided to change things up a bit, and make a quick and easy vinyl project! I was at the Dollar Tree yesterday and picked up a plain white ceramic plate to use for today! I'm using the Tie the Knot cartridge, one of my favorites!

To start out make sure you clean the surface you will be applying the vinyl to and then do some practice cuts with regular cardstock or paper. I began on pg. 35 (Dove2), selected the Monogram creative features key and cut it at 4.5" with brown cricut vinyl. Next onto pg. 38 (Ivy), deselected the Monogram feature, hit shift and cut it at 1.5". Did the same on pg. 28 (Floursh4) and finally changed my size to 2" for my last cut from pg. 56 (JstMried) with shift on.

Very easy to put together... once it's done cutting, apply transfer tape and transfer it! Using a vinyl tool, just rub the image(s) down and slowly peel off in a "rocking motion."


Finished Project!:

Be back with another post tomorrow! Enjoy!


  1. That is too cute! FYI - take a look at Facebook Official Cricut page, there is a post about a monthly card group that you can join.