Friday, January 13, 2012

Flocking Technique

Found a steal on flocking powder while at TJMaxx! I got 8 different colors for $1.50/each and they normally run anywhere from $3-5/each. If you go to TJ on the right day, they have some GREAT paper crafting items!

I have a scrapbook page kit by Emily Lilienthal that I made and added the flocking technique to it!

Flocking is pretty simple to do, but here's step by step instructions on how to add this embellishment.
1) Punch/Cut/Stamp out your desired design

2) Color it in with a gel pen (This helps your flocking powder stay true to its color)

3) Using a 2-way glue pen, put adhesive on your design

4) Apply flocking powder of your choice

5) And there you have it, a flocked embellishment!

Hope ya'll ENJOY!

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