Monday, August 8, 2011

No Internet!

Afternoon all my lovely bloggers! I am blogging from work as I will be out of Internet at home for about 1&1/2 weeks. I will try to do some scheduled post if I can. Then I'm heading on quite a road trip beginning Wednesday... driving to Corpus then to Lubbock & finally New Mexico. And of course I have to drive all that way back too! Should be fun though!

In other news I had another wedding order come in from Alaska! So exciting! The wedding will actually be in California though. Below is the first design sample I made, but will also be making a few more. I like to provide a few options. As soon as I make those I will of course show them off to ya'll!



If the bride decides to go with this one it will go on a black pocketfold card base and be sealed with a dark red "S" wax seal!

Hope you enjoy and I will try my best to post some more exciting things before I leave town!

1 comment:

  1. Those swirls are gorjuss, love it, sure they will too, would love to see the finished product!!
    lotsa luv