Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's so good to be back!

Evening all! I am finally back from my mini vacation and it was wonderful! And I have so much to tell ya'll... some exciting possible opportunities coming my way!

First let me just say I am so thankful to be alive... on our way back from New Mexico we hit a deer going about 60mph. Luckily it didn't go through our windshield, which sure saved us.

Now onto the exciting news! My husband's cousin knows 2 music producers in Nashville and heard me sing and play guitar for the first time and this is what he said:
"Why aren't you in Nashville?... you have some serious talent!"
I was in awe of course, I guess I sell myself short sometimes. Well he wants me to record 2 songs and an original song and then he's going to send it off to those producers. You never know until you try!

And finally, I might have a potential job opportunity... my first big break! I am praying long and hard for this one. There is a position available for a graphics company where I live and the owner spoke to me personally and said he was looking for someone new! I am all over this one! Have revamped my resume and sent it out! Will let ya'll know the outcome asap!

Here's a few pics from my trip. I will have more projects to show ya'll starting tomorrow evening!

Had so much FUN and I love my wonderful new family! All of them are incredible! Have lots coming ya'lls way! Have a good one all!


  1. Glad you back and, wow, with so much exciting news!!! Good luck with all of them, just know you will be a hit!! Love the pic's, so happy and those bulldogs are super........:))
    ps: recieved my copic's, thanks once again, so appreciate it!!!
    lotsa luv

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