Thursday, December 1, 2011

Paper Ornament

Just a Christmas shopping away over here! Almost done, yay! Here's a make & take we did at my last card swap and it's oh so cute!

It's a paper ornament! And the best part is that if you want to ship it, it lays flat!

How to make this ornament:
1) Cut six 4"x4" squares of your favorite patterned paper
2) For each square, fold/score in half each way and then once at a diagonal

3) Fold diagonal line in

4) Using adhesive, adhere all 6 together.
5) After all 6 are adhered, take one of the end caps and add a strip of adhesive to it, then place down a 1/8" ribbon.

6) Now tread the ribbon through the button and repeat step 5 for the other end cap.

7) If you don't want the ribbon to show just take a 2"x2" square and adhere it right on top of each end cap.
8) Congrats, you completed the ornament! Now you can just place in on your tree or onto a gift!

Have a card class tomorrow and can't wait to show off what we made!

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